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                  Precautions for crawler crane supporting wheels! ---Fujian crawler crane support wheels

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                  Precautions for crawler crane supporting wheels! ---Fujian crawler crane support wheels

                  Do you have any gains from the previous understanding of the track crane supporting wheels? The following editor will lead everyone to understand some precautions of crawler crane supporting wheels, its characteristics and related parameters. Do you guys look forward to it? I hope the explanation of the following content will be helpful to everyone. ---Fujian crawler crane support wheels


                  Precautions for crawler crane supporting wheels

                  Features of crawler crane rollers

                  Technical parameters of crawler crane support wheels


                  1. The wheel body of the excavator roller is worn out.

                  The reason for this situation is that the steel used is unqualified or the hardness of the material during heat treatment is low, and the wear resistance is insufficient;

                  2. Oil leaking from excavator support wheels.

                  The supporting wheel shaft is always rotating through the shaft sleeve, and the wheel body needs to be lubricated by adding oil, but if the sealing ring is not good, it is easy to cause oil leakage, so that the shaft and the shaft sleeve are easy to wear without lubrication. The product cannot be used. ---Fujian crawler crane support wheels

                  There are several reasons for oil leakage:

                  Unqualified floating oil seal;

                  The roundness of the product sleeve is not enough;

                  Insufficient gloss of fulcrum;

                  Gear oil is not up to standard;

                  Processing size tolerances, etc.;


                  The left and right shells are forged. After processing, they are welded by a fully automatic girth seam welder. The left and right supports are manufactured by casting process; the oil cavity is filled with hyperbolic gear oil to ensure flexible rotation. There is a metal sleeve between them to make it wear-resistant. ---Fujian crawler crane support wheels


                  Covering rubber thickness: 80mm

                  Rubber and metal bonding: 1

                  Tear strength: 1

                  Thermal aging factor: 1

                  Track weight: 1kg

                  Body mass: 1kg

                  Large pulling force: 1kN

                  Track chain pitch: 228

                  Material: 40Mn

                  Hardness: HRC50-56

                  Depth: 4mm-8mm

                  Material: Iron

                  Track width: 600 mm

                  Model: D10N mm

                  Custom processing: Yes

                  Applicable accessories: bulldozer