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                  never expected! If the track is off, it can still be installed like this! ---Sanya crawler crane driving wheel

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                  never expected! If the track is off, it can still be installed like this! ---Sanya crawler crane driving wheel

                  Track installation

                  The construction environment of the excavator itself is relatively harsh, and it is basically insulated from the flat ground. It is commonplace to encounter potholes and muddy roads. In addition, some machines are relatively old, so it is not uncommon to lose the chain! ---Sanya crawler crane Driving wheel

                  If the excavator track is off, many old drivers will adopt their own methods to install, but if they are newbies and Xiaobai, they will panic instantly. One side is the excavator that cannot walk, and the other is urgent engineering work. , How to install the track quickly? Don't worry! The editor teaches you two tricks.

                  First: use a bucket

                  The use of buckets for crawler installation is the most commonly used by old drivers, and it is also the fastest one, and it is relatively smooth to get started. The difficulty is to seize the opportunity to install quickly and accurately. ---Sanya crawler crane driving wheel

                  ▊1) First of all, we must first remove the tensioning cylinder and let go of the butter, keep the track in a relaxed state, and then make full use of the bucket and walking for coordinated installation according to the actual situation.

                  ▊2) If the excavator crawler is sliding out, then use the bucket to hoist the crawler to the position of the guide wheel, and then rotate the driving wheel to easily install the crawler back to its original position.

                  ▊3) If the track slides out of the track to the inside, the bucket is useless at this time. Generally, the old driver will use a wire rope to pull the track back to the guide wheel first, and repeat the rotation of the driving wheel. After a few times, the track is basically Can be installed back to the original position (the position of the rollers needs to be installed by side jacking and idling crawlers). ---Sanya crawler crane driving wheel

                  The first method is basically negligible for old drivers. After a few operations, the experience is quite sophisticated, but it is difficult for novices to learn, so I will introduce a simpler method for everyone.

                  The second type: with the help of steel pipe

                  ▊1) First, remove the tensioning cylinder, put the butter and other preparations, and then take the materials on the spot, look for tools of moderate length such as steel pipes, if not, you can also use wooden sticks.

                  ▊2) Next, use the principle of leverage, cleverly use a bucket to pin the steel pipe, move back to squeeze out the butter, etc.; then use the steel pipe to straighten the chain at the drag sprocket. ---Sanya crawler crane driving wheel

                  ▊3) Continue to pin the steel pipe with the bucket to use the rotating force to the limit, slowly back up and you can hear the clicking sound, repeat the above actions until the track is installed back to the original position


                  Either way, when you first learn, you feel that the degree of difficulty is very large, and the operation is stagnant and the installation is always not in place. There is a trick to install the guide wheel and the driving wheel, and the track installation is more than half completed!

                  So the old drivers who read this article, how did you solve the problem of the excavator dropping the chain at the critical moment? Are there any tips during the installation process? Welcome everyone to leave a message to share! ---Sanya crawler crane driving wheel